Renaissance Costumes 2 – Leonardo’s Times

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Project Description

Design and productive workshop for costumes and accessories for the audiovisual production

After Renaissance Costumes, the partnership between Manifatture Digitali Cinema Prato and the prestigious international production company Lux Vide SpA has renewed, for a new great Workshop: Costumes Renaissance 2 – Leonardo’s Times, a learning, planning and realization of costumes and accessories for a unique and complete audiovisual production experience. #CostumiRinascimento2

Give your contribution to the creation of part of the clothes and accessories of a new fiction about Leonardo da Vinci!

In Renaissance Costumes 2 – Leonardo’s Times, conducted once again by the award-winning Costume Designer Alessandro Lai, with tutors Silvia Salvaggio, Gabriella Fabozzi and Sonia Ravenna, the 17 participants – selected among people with creative ability and/or manufacturing experience in the field of tailoring and costume design – had the opportunity to create some of the clothes and accessories that will be used on the set of Lux Vide SpA’s new fiction dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci! Lux Vide SpA. has already produced Medici – Masters of Florence, a three-season television series on the protagonists of the history of the Renaissance, and has now begun the production of the fiction about Leonardo da Vinci, of which a very large part will involve the Tuscan territory and its workers. The program of Renaissance Costumes 2 – Leonardo’s Times will cover the entire production span: from the historical research to sketches, to get to the model and production of costumes and accessories. #CostumiRinascimento2


The participants of Renaissance Costumes 2 – Leonardo’s Times, have made about 60 magnificent costumes and as many accessories, for a total of almost 270 pieces, including bodices and petticoats.

View the gallery of Renaissance Costumes 2 – Leonardo’s Times:

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The Fabric of Dreams

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Duration: 50 days
Calendar: September 23 – November 29, 2019
Registrations: by call
Manifatture Digitali Cinema Prato
(Dolce de ‘Mazzamuti, 1, Street – Prato, Italy)
Costs: free
Partner: Lux Vide SpA